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By Mariya A. Romanova

This booklet provides an account of a style of settling on the sort composition of sandy deposits from the air via the character in their mirrored image of radiant power. The measured spectral luminance of a rock outcrop rela­ ti ve to the luminance of a typical is the elemental estate thought of during this procedure. The spectral luminance components p\ are measured through distinctive tools - a common photometer, cinespectrograph, spectro­ visors, and different spectrometers. The measured values of P" of the investigated rocks are interpreted geologically by way of a few equipment of mathematical facts in order that a way of lithological mapping of sandy deposits from the air are available. the significance of constructing a mode of selecting the sort composition of rocks, basically sandy de­ posits, from the air stems from the vast prevalence of deserts at the earth's floor. Sandy deserts occupy enormous parts within the southern latitudes of the USSR and happen in western and imperative China, Pakistan, Iran, India, and different states. In those deserts there are lots of deposits of petroleum and gasoline, and a look for water is consistently in development. profitable prospecting for the above minerals will depend on a decision of the cloth composition of the sandy deposits in those deserts and the answer of a number of questions of modern tec­ tonics, paleogeography, and quaternary geology, the solutions to which would even be given via a examine of the dis­ tribution of lithological forms of sands.

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E. Meleshko. r€ I ~- -- ---- --- - -- - Fig. 44. Block diagram of 1959 model spectrovisor. , over the wavelength range; 8) cathode-ray tube with screen displaying a curve characterizing the spectral distribution of the reflected radiant energy; 9) cinecamera for photographing the curve from the screen of the cathode-ray tube (lens a) and the image of the photo metered surface (lens b). , 1958; Mironova and D'yachkova, 1957). Only a few types of these spectrometers have been designed for aerial spectrophotometry and can be used for the photometry of geological objects from airplane (helicopter).

The radiant flux reflected from the investigated surface arrives at the objective 1 of the spectrometer, passes through the entrance slit 2 and the collimator lens 3, and falls as a parallel beam on the diffraction grating 4, which has 600 lines/mm and an area of 20 X 20 mm. The spectrally decomposed radiant flux falls on the externally aluminized oscillating mirror 5 and after reflection from this mirror passes through the lens 6, which magnifies the image of the exit slit. Lenses 9 and 10 image the entrance slit on the photocathodes of the photomultipliers 12 and 13: an FEU -17 photomultiplier with an antimony- cesium photocathode for the region 350 -450 mil and an FEU -22 with a cesium oxide- silver photocathode for the red and near -infrared region of the spectrum (4501100 mil)' The electrical signal (proportional to the intensity of the monochromatic radiant flux) is amplified and applied to the vertical deflection plates of the cathode-ray tube.

32. Indicatrices of luminance factors of a specimen of granophyric granite from Krasnovodsk Peninsula (Ufra). 34 The FM-2 Universal Photometer a The FM-2 universal photometer has been in use for several years for the photometry of geological objects , principally for measurements of the spectral luminance factors of individual rock samples in stationary or laboratory conditions (Danchev, 1947, 1956; Vistelius and Yaroslavskaya, 1954; Romanova, 1956, 1958). A general view of the FM-2 universal photometer is shown in Fig.

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