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For age is chance at the least adolescence itself, even though in one other gown, and because the night twilight fades away The sky is stuffed with stars, invisible by way of day. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Morituri Salutamus we are living in a society that remorselessly casts off people who find themselves too susceptible, mentally or bodily, to hang to the dizzy wheel of life - a society that worships the idols of attractiveness, early life, and wealth while ruthlessly rejecting those that fall open air its slim criteria of acceptability, or exploitability. The aged are the newest sufferers of a synthetic lifestyle that has a tendency to create man made difficulties. during this appreciate, now we have a lot to profit from these primitive groups that proceed to revere their elders for the knowledge they've got obtained within the college of existence, and that have but to make the doubtful development to a civilization that dismisses its senior contributors as senile previous fools or a burden on taxpayers' money. it will be significant to warn constructing nations of the risks of duplicating the mistakes of the economic international - of which they see purely the superficial trappings that masks the iceberg of disillusionment beneath.

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4. Re-structure geriatric care, to achieve a system which is able to draw on a spectrum of services to meet individual needs. UNITED KINGDOM The main problems today 1. Attitudinal: persuading people that long life is the norm, and that retirement is not a lucky bonus for a few but the prerogative of many. Lack of esteem and self-worth. Lack of incentives among the socially disadvantaged to maintain activity and independence. 2. Health: personal behavior that damages health (such as smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition).

Recommendations 1. Expand efforts to increase knowledge of differences between disease and normal aging and its consequences. 2. Promote scientific studies to lay the basis for intervention, to enhance quality of life among the elderly, and to reduce negative consequences of aging. 3. Establish information and education programs to combat prejudices against aging. 4. Re-structure geriatric care, to achieve a system which is able to draw on a spectrum of services to meet individual needs. UNITED KINGDOM The main problems today 1.

In Egypt, for example, the elderly living with adult children often criticize the younger women for having abandoned traditional roles to go to work. However, it is also true that an aged parent may contribute money and labor to the running of a household. Urban change When younger persons re-Iocate to find work or higher wages, not only are older people left behind but the young are deprived of the assistance the elderly could give. Sometimes, the elders are left behind in deteriorating cities, the Italian experts report.

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