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By Julian the Apostate

Julian the Apostate, the final pagan emperor of Rome, wrote opposed to the Galileans as a feedback of Christianity.

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Anne, who is. 7. In “Le Père, l’amour, l’exil,” Julia Kristeva reads Premier amour as a mock-Oedipal drama in which the father is killed only to reappear as the son – a reversal of the Christ story (256-68). 8. And further: “The equations between Hottentot and Irish and between Hottentot and Yahoo are received lore, and naturally interpenetrate deeply with the Yahoo-Irish equation” (Rawson 2004, 111). Rawson observes that “androgynous hag” was extensively studied by Cesare Lombroso, in his widely read ethnographic study La Donna delinquente: La prostituta e la donna normale (1893).

Above, I discussed the casual identification of the present “Mrs Shuah” and Beckett’s blatant pilfering of his own Dream material for her description; it should be added that once the obviousness is acknowledged the wit arises from the fringe (Winnie lost to decency is a particularly nice touch). Key phrases assume a resonance that arises from the sense of déjà-vu: when Hairy addresses the corpse of Belacqua (1972, 181), he uses the phrase, “the bowels of the earth,” echoing the end of “Dante and the Lobster” (21), and, by implication, the common bond between Belacqua and the boiled beast (the “queer old lesson” is perhaps another such echo).

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