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By Peter W. Hawkes

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics merges long-running serials-Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics and Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy. This sequence good points prolonged articles at the physics of electron units (especially semiconductor devices), particle optics at low and high energies, microlithography, snapshot technological know-how and electronic photo processing, electromagnetic wave propagation, electron microscopy, and the computing equipment utilized in most of these domain names

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This provides a highly efficient optical collection, but the direct mechanical coupling of the spectrometer and detectors to the SEM chamber requires careful attention to vibrations. For example, a Peltier-cooled PMT housing typically requires either a cooling fan or circulating water SCANNING CATHODOLUMINESCENCE MICROSCOPY 21 to carry away the waste heat from the cooling unit. The flow of water or fan vibrations could cause mechanical jitter that would prevent very-highresolution SEM imaging. Issues such as these, however, have mostly been resolved.

An important consequence of this treatment is that the minority carrier diffusion length L can be derived. This is the average distance traveled by a minority carrier during its lifetime, and is given as √ L = Dτ , (20) where D is the minority carrier diffusion coefficient and τ the overall minority carrier lifetime. L is an important semiconductor device-performance parameter, which is occasionally measured via CL. More important to the topic at hand, L is the factor by which injected carriers broaden from their injected profile.

As such, minority carriers injected near a defect are far less likely to reach the depletion region and contribute to IEBIC . Thus, defects in semiconductors result in significant contrast in EBIC images taken with SEM or STEM. Furthermore, EBIC can be used to quantitatively measure minority carrier diffusion lengths in semiconductor devices. For more details of the EBIC technique, see Leamy (1982), Newbury et al. (1986), or Parish (2006). SCANNING CATHODOLUMINESCENCE MICROSCOPY 29 G. Additional Background Material The previous section provided a brief overview of the most important background points regarding CL in the electron microscope.

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