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By Allen T Chwang, Michelle H Teng, Daniel T Valentine

This quantity offers forty unique papers on fresh advances in different themes in engineering mechanics provided on the Theodore Y-T Wu Symposium on Engineering Mechanics: a party of Professor Wu's clinical contributions for his eightieth birthday. the prestigious individuals contain numerous participants of the nationwide Academy of Engineers and the subjects hide nonlinear water waves, swimming and flying in nature, biomechanics, facts research technique, and propulsion hydrodynamics. The papers honor the numerous accomplishments of Professor Wu in Engineering technology at Caltech, really within the components of nonlinear waves, hydrodynamics, biomechanics and wave-structure interplay. They evaluation the current cutting-edge of engineering mechanics, and chart the way forward for the sphere from the point of view of civil engineering, biomechanics, geophysics, mechanical engineering, naval structure, ocean, and offshore engineering. the first goal of this booklet is to supply suggestions and thought for these drawn to carrying on with to enhance engineering mechanics into the twenty first century. to cite Professor Wu: "The worth of a publication ebook lies in disseminating new wisdom attained with attempt and commitment from all those that take part, and in having the valuable effects inside of prepared succeed in of scholars and researchers actively operating within the field."

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Localization of steady Stokes waves As a first application of the evolution equations, we examine the limiting case of a steady wave train. There is no dependence on ( x l,tl, tz), so that A = A(x2). Eq. (15) reduces to aA C - ialAI2A - $A = 0, ax2 + where wk2(cosh4kh+8-2tanh2 kh) > 0. 16sinh4 kh The solution to (32) is a modified Stokes wave exponentially attenuated (localized) in the direction of propagation, a= 36 where a0 is the real amplitude at 2 2 = 0 and pT, pi are the real and imaginary parts of p, respectively.

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