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If you have to get the activity performed speedy, you will achieve for this functional, nuts-n-bolts toolkit. instead of targeting ActionScript within the summary, this Cookbook places concept into perform with ready-made solutions to universal ActionScript difficulties. Flash MX builders can remedy matters speedy, whereas studying useful strategies for resolving comparable dilemmas sooner or later. ActionScript has blossomed right into a huge and demanding language whose sheer quantity of functions could be daunting. The ActionScript Cookbook breaks all of it down into projects which are correct, useful, and insightful. beautiful to the budding coder in addition to the skilled ActionScript jockeys, this publication bargains new views and ways to ActionScript improvement that would empower all builders. This O'Reilly Cookbook enhances ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive advisor, second variation through offering quickly options to universal ActionScript difficulties. This booklet trades on our revered "Cookbook" procedure, which gives a worked-out script for each challenge addressed. you should use those "recipes" to resolve an instantaneous challenge, after which discover the difficulty extra within the Definitive consultant while time allows.

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9. 10). 1 Problem You want to change the alignment of the movie within the Player. align property. 3 Discussion Flash movies appear in the center of the Player by default. align property, as shown in Table 2-1. Table 2-1. align Value "T" "B" "L" "R" "C" or " " "LT" or "TL" "RT" or "TR" "LB" or "BL" "RB" or "BR" Horizontal alignment Center Center Left Right Center Left Right Left Right Vertical alignment Top Bottom Center Center Center Top Top Bottom Bottom There is no "official" value to center the Stage both vertically and horizontally in the Player.

This technique is really a variation on the first, but with the advantage that classes offer you a way of organizing your functions in a potentially meaningful way (for example, 38 Part I: Local Recipes Part I: Local Recipes 39 the built-in Math class organizes many mathematical functions). 1 Problem You want to perform slight variations of an action without having to duplicate multiple lines of code to accommodate the minor differences. 2 Solution Add parameters to your function to make it flexible enough to perform slightly different actions when it is invoked rather than performing exactly the same action or producing the same result each time.

K. English). language); You can use this property to dynamically load content in the appropriate language: // Create an associative array with language codes // for the keys and greetings for the values. greetings = new Array( ); greetings["en"] = "Hello"; greetings["es"] = "Hola"; greetings["fr"] = "Bonjour"; // Extract the first two characters from the language code. substr(0, 2); // Use a default language if the language is not in the list. if (greetings[lang] == undefined) { lang = "en"; } // Display the greeting in the appropriate language.

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