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By B. A. Auld

Quantity One starts with a scientific improvement of simple innovations (strain, rigidity, stiffness and compliance, viscous clamping) and coordinate changes in either tensor and matrix notation. the elemental elastic box equations are then written in a sort analogous to Maxwell's equations. This analogy is then pursued while examining wave propagation in either isotropic and anisotropic solids. Piezoelectricity and bulk wave transducers are handled within the ultimate bankruptcy. Appendixes record slowness diagrams and fabric homes for numerous crystalline solids. quantity applies the fabric constructed in quantity One to quite a few boundary worth difficulties (reflection and refraction at aircraft surfaces, composite media, waveguides, and resonators). Pursuing the electromagnetic analogue, analytic strategies accepted in electromagnetism (for instance, general mode emissions), are utilized to elastic difficulties. ultimate chapters deal with perturbation and variational tools. An appendix lists homes of Rayleigh floor waves on unmarried crystal substrates.

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