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Like we’re doing right now. Will reading this book make you a more sensitive, globally aware person and lead you toward an enriched spiritual life? A life attuned to an infinity of harmonious cycles, from the beating of your heart to the spinning of the stars? Only if I do my part and not press too hard here. A light touch is key. A light touch still has friction though, and you just might experience sparks of static electricity between your eyes and the page. But the most important thing here is fun, and we’re definitely going to have that.

But how did I originally think this related to the self? Put at top of next week’s Ponder List. I was walking down the street the other day when a man in a wheelchair asked me to open a door for him. ) Then I noticed it was the door to Starbucks! Now I don’t know whether I should feel good about helping someone or bad because I indirectly added to the coffers of corporate coffee. BEVERLY GUILT-BILLY Dear Beverly, You’ve already mastered the art of not treating the wheelchair-bound any differently from anyone else.

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