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By Anita Chari

Anita Chari revives the concept that of reification from Marx and the Frankfurt university to highlight the resistance to neoliberal capitalism now forming on the point of political economic climate and on the extra sensate, experiential point of subjective transformation. examining artwork by way of Oliver Ressler, Zanny Begg, Claire Fontaine, Jason Lazarus, and Mika Rottenberg, in addition to the politics of Occupy Wall road, Chari identifies practices by which artists and activists have challenged neoliberalism's social and political logics, exposing its inherent tensions and contradictions.

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By neglecting the neoliberal inversion of liberalism in theory, and the evisceration of liberal norms in practice, influential political theories of the left are themselves symptomatic of the neoliberal reorganization of the relationship between politics and economics rather than critical of it. 51 According to Foucault, neoliberal theorists conceptualized the relationship between the state and economy in a way that is crucially distinct from the classical liberal model. According to Foucault, the German ordoliberals, a group of thinkers who were at the forefront of defining what we today take to be the principles of neoliberalism, effected several shifts and inversions in classical liberal doctrine to specify a new relationship between the state and economy.

61 NEOLIBERAL RESIGNIFICATION AND THE IMPASSE OF CRITIQUE As I have argued, neoliberalism as a discourse inverts classical liberal understandings of the relationship between the state and economy. The key consequence of this inversion is that the neoliberal restructuring of the relationship between economics and politics has resignified liberal forms of critique. In other words, liberal forms of critique have very different political effects under neoliberal conditions than they did under liberal ones.

30 Similarly, I would suggest, the moralizing outrage over corporatized capitalism that makes its daily appearance in the news media does little work to uncover the complex ideological dynamics that limit our understandings of what alternative kind of economic life our society ought to be working for. THE NEOLIBERAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ECONOMICS AND POLITICS Therefore I argue that depoliticization remains a crucial problem in neoliberalism, and I address this issue by exploring the ways in which shifts in the relationship between the state and the economy N EO LI B ER A L SY M P TO M S 27 distinguish neoliberalism from earlier phases of capitalist production.

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