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By P. J. Rhodes

This super modern and an expert paintings is extra in-depth than an easy evaluate. Rhodes is a piece of writing genius and provides the resource citations unobtrusively for each unmarried factor he says. you could hence song down the foundation of each declare or assertion. His judgment can also be very good on every little thing. As a graduate scholar getting ready for examinations i discovered it beneficial. it is going to even be first-class for undergraduates. Its insurance of the interval is best than any similar textbook i've got noticeable; even larger than Sealey's historical past of the Greek urban States, that is first-class additionally, and covers prior heritage to boot -- yet this can be larger.
Tiniest criticism: a (very) few typos, and the feedback for additional analyzing on the finish of every bankruptcy might have been a bit fuller.

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V, Paus. I. 28. iii) and with the Painted Stoa, where one of the paintings depicted the battle of Marathon (Plut. Cim. 4. vi–vii). We should not make too much of these things; and we should remember, for instance, that in the early campaigns of the Delian League Cimon was commanding naval forces; but there is enough evidence to justify a view of Themistocles and Cimon as rivals, and Cimon as the more successful of the two. After the rebuilding of Athens’ walls we do not hear much more about Themistocles before his ostracism.

Sir K. Dover, 171–8. On Elis see J. ), The Polis as an Urban Centre and as a Political Community, 282–320. ), Defining Ancient Arkadia; Nielsen, Arkadia and Its Poleis in the Archaic and Classical Periods. On constitutional change in Argos see M. ), The Polis as an Urban Centre (above), 321–51, esp. 332–4. In connection with Sparta, on the downfall of Pausanias see P. J. Rhodes, ‘Thucydides on Pausanias and Themistocles’, Hist. xix 1970, 387–400. On the helot revolt of the 460’s it is no longer fashionable to emend the ‘tenth’ year of Thuc.

Hammond, ‘The Origins and Nature of the Athenian Alliance of 478/7 BC’, JHS lxxxvi 1967, 41–61, revised as ‘The Organization of the Athenian Alliance against Persia’, in his Studies in Greek History, 311–45. The chronology of the Pentecontaetia is full of uncertainties: there are similar but not identical date tables in Gomme, Historical Commentary on Thucydides, i. , The Athenian Tribute Lists, iii. 175–9; CAH2 v. 506–11; there is a review of the problems in Rhodes, The Athenian Empire, ch. 3; chronologies widely divergent from those of Gomme, The Athenian Tribute Lists and CAH2, v, have from time to time been canvassed but have not gained much support.

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