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By Robert A. Goodnow Jr.

This ebook comprehensively describes the improvement and perform of DNA-encoded library synthesis know-how. jointly, the chapters aspect an method of drug discovery that gives an enticing addition to the portfolio of present hit new release applied sciences reminiscent of high-throughput screening, structure-based drug discovery and fragment-based screening. The book:

  • Provides a helpful consultant for figuring out and making use of DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry
  • Helps chemists generate and display novel chemical libraries of enormous dimension and caliber
  • Bridges interdisciplinary parts of DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry – artificial and analytical chemistry, molecular biology, informatics, and biochemistry
  • Shows medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists easy methods to successfully develop to be had “chemical area” for drug discovery
  • Provides professional and up to date precis of stated literature for DNA-encoded and DNA-directed chemistry expertise and methods

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Snapper, Early example of solidA. H. Hoveyda, phase synthesis to et al. prepare discovery of new catalysts for enantioselective synthesis D. Kassel High-throughput means of purifying compounds libraries S. Schreiber et al. A strategy for expanding structural diversity of small-molecule libraries Transition from Sangerbased to secondgeneration sequencing technology M. Clark et al. Exemplification of DNA-encoded combinatorial library synthesis and assay with very large library Ref. 1. The following commentary of significant events attempts to put into context important discoveries that have paved the way for the emergence of DNA-encoded combinatorial chemistry.

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