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By Lynn Gordon

Grab that magic wand! This renowned deck of easy-to-perform magic tips and kid-friendly sleights of hand has been up to date with new actions and illustrations.

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Tell your audience that the jack of clubs is sometimes called the Acrobatic Jack because he can do tricks. Put the deck carefully on the floor. Using your stocking feet, gently nudge the deck into two piles. Pick up the top pile and show your friends the Acrobatic Jack on the bottom! Plate Trick Materials: 3 paper plates; Colored markers Draw a different-colored circle on the bottom side of each paper plate. Show your audience both sides of the three paper plates. You’ve secretly put a tiny dot on the topside rim of each plate.

Place the penny and glass on a table in front of you. Place a bandana over the glass so that the entire glass is hidden. Slide the glass over the penny. Remove the bandana, but cover the glass with your hand. Let them look through the glass’s side but not the top. The penny has vanished! Tell the audience you can’t let any “penny gases” escape or it will be impossible to bring the coin back. Put the bandana over the glass, and slide the glass over. The penny reappears. Disappearing Dime Materials: Paper cup; Scissors; Dime; Bandana Cut a piggy bank slot in the side of a paper cup, where the side meets the bottom.

If you feed the genie, she will make a dime dance on top of the bottle. Pour a tablespoon of baking soda in the water, and ask the genie to make the dime dance. Immediately lay a dime on the mouth of the bottle. Watch it move! Disappearing Coins Materials: Sandwich bag; Coins; Tape; Long-sleeved shirt with loose sleeves (dress shirt) Tape a small plastic sandwich bag with four coins in it to your right forearm. Put on a long-sleeved shirt. Tell the audience you have several coins in your right fist.

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