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By László Holics

This selection of workouts, compiled for proficient highschool scholars, encourages creativity and a deeper figuring out of rules while fixing physics difficulties. defined as 'far past high-school level', this ebook grew out of the concept educating aren't objective for the simply regimen, yet problem scholars and stretch their skill via creativity and thorough comprehension of ideas.

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10° N / Ill. 32 Ill , whi ch is the relaxed length of the spring . 3 jou le/( lll ol K), 9 = 10 II1 /S . The wal l oI' the con tainer is a good therm al co nductor cau sing the temperature of the gas to change until it reaches the external temperature. The work done by the gas is found to be 1800 joules. a) Find the externa l temperature . b) Find the heat given to the helium gas. 32 m Problem 2()4. 6 elm. The piston enc loses 1 mol of helium at 273 DC . The wa ll of the contai ner is insulated.

How many revo luti ons will the ring make fro m the start of its fall until it finally stops? m h I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Dw I I I I ' M L 24 L 2 OJ Problem 103. 25 m. It hits the cart exactly at the centre. ) The cart can roll smoothly, its deformation in the co lli sion is perfectly elastic, and the collision is momentary. The sphere keeps sliding throughout the ent ire duration of the coli ision. 1. The sphere rebounds from the cart and falls back onto it again. 1. 2 D y n a mics a) What is the minimum possible le ngth of the cart?

The second geophone is at 50 m east, the third is at 50 m west from the place of the explosion. The second geophone detected the reAected waves with a time delay of 0. 34 s. a) Determine the propagation speed of seismic waves in the topmost, covering rock layer. b) Determine the distance of the inclined rock plate from the place of the explosion. c) Determine the angle of inclination of the rock plate in east-west direction. Problem 141. With what speed can a vehicle move on a planet of uniform density, which is equal to the average density of the Earth , and of radius 500 times greater than that of the Earth.

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