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Accrued in a single quantity, listed here are backfires and mistakes that collapsed empires, crashed economies, and adjusted the process the area. From the Maginot Line to the Cuban Missile problem, heritage is stuffed with undesirable strikes and not-so-bright rules that snowballed into mess ups and unintentional effects. This engrossing publication appears at 100 such tipping issues. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. The Caliphs of Baghdad spend themselves out of business. The Aztecs greet the Conquistadors with open fingers. Mexico invitations the american citizens to Texas-and the americans by no means go away. And the remaining is history...

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Alexander didn’t wish to be seen as a tyrant. He thought he was the son of Zeus, and gods flourish in praise. He allowed Darius’ family to keep their status and live as they had always done. They kept their servants and were under his protection. Darius wrote Alexander a letter offering friendship, his daughter’s hand in marriage, and all the land west of the 44 Euphrates. He also offered to pay ransom for the Persian prisoners. Alexander responded by telling Darius he should not address him as an equal, but as the king of all Asia.

Seeing they were not being supported but were left to die in front of the Romans, the Gauls turned and fled. But the unmoving line of Carthaginians refused to open to let them pass. Needless to say, the Gauls now were sure they had been betrayed and began attacking Hannibal’s second line. The two Carthaginian formations were still fighting when the front of the Roman army, Scipio’s hastati (a class of infantry), slammed into them both. When the second line of Romans, the principes, joined in the fighting, the surviving Gauls and Carthaginians of the second line were both routed.

That delay of twenty-seven days to retreat, for no other reason than superstition, changed the entire Peloponnesian War. Athens never recovered from the loss of more than 12,000 hoplites and twice as many rowers and light infantry. Sparta proved unable to replace Athens as the politically dominant city in Greece. The military dictatorship had lost too many of its highly trained hoplites in the war as well. Rather than a strong central leadership, such as Athens had provided for Greece before the war with the Delian League, the Greek world was once more split owing to jealousy and constant bickering among the city-states.

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